Rise Against Hunger



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On Friday, April 20th, Saint Ann’s high school students and faculty will have the opportunity to take a stand against the pernicious and all-too pervasive phenomenon of global hunger, by packaging meals for those in need, in collaboration with the organization Rise Against Hunger.
“What is Rise Against Hunger?” you may ask.
Rise Against Hunger is an organization whose objective is to end global hunger by the year 2030, and it’s a bold one, seeing as there are some 815 million malnourished people worldwide.  But it’s bold, daring thinking precisely of that sort, I think, that will lead to real change.  Rise Against Hunger goes about its work by packaging some 72 million meals yearly, which in turn reach some 1.4 million people, in 36 countries.  Just 40 volunteers can package over 10,000 healthy meals in about two hours–that gives you a sense of the potential for April 20th’s event.  Rise Against Hunger is additionally committed to bringing about long-term change in developing countries–many of which have been negatively impacted by climate change, in terms of what food access looks like–by promoting sustainable practices.  To give you an idea of what April 20th will entail: at about 1PM that afternoon, we’ll leave Saint Ann’s to board buses bound for Rise Against Hunger’s Newark location, a commute that should take not much more than one hour at most.  (I should perhaps add that you’re excused from class.)  Once there, we’ll spend several hours packaging meals, before heading back to Brooklyn Heights (on the buses).  Food will be provided.