Toy Drive

Our 2017 Annual New Toy Drive to benefit children at the Columbia University Early Head Start Program begins NOW and runs through December 18th.

Primarily assisting low-income Latino immigrants, the program is dedicated to providing over 300 families with children up to five years of age, offering language workshops, parental education symposiums, and numerous other initiatives that focus “on building parent/child relationships and fostering young children’s development.” For more information on the Columbia University Head Start Project, visit their website at:
Puzzles, pop-up toys, trucks, building blocks, dolls, art sets, cooking sets, preschool matching and board games:  any toys that can spur a young child’s imagination and enhance dexterity, emotional, physical, or cognitive skills are welcome.

Students may select one or more hand-decorated tags from posters located in division offices or near the security desk on the first floor of the Bosworth Building.

You may also donate new items of your choosing without selecting a tag.

Please do not wrap toys; the teachers at Head Start prefer to do the sorting and wrapping in order to ensure that each child gets the appropriate gift.

Please have students bring new and unwrapped toys, with or without a tag attached, to any division office or to the security desk at the Bosworth Building or the Townhouses.

Finally, thank you to everyone who donated to the recent food drive.


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