Volunteer at PS8!

Dear fellow high schoolers!
Greetings; if you don’t know us, we’re Julia Binder and Toby Berggruen (both Seniors), and we’re writing to you as student liaisons for PS8!
What is PS8, you might ask?
Well, for a number of years now, Saint Ann’s students have worked with students at PS8, a public elementary school that is a quick five minutes from Saint Ann’s!  These intrepid Saint Ann’s students, who volunteer during free periods (two consecutive frees are ideal, but not absolutely necessary), are able to interact with younger students organically and playfully, in numerous capacities. For instance, our volunteers have assisted teachers in the classroom, worked in the school’s library, and written poetry with 1st graders over lunch.
Saint Ann’s students have found the opportunity to be enlightening, rewarding, and joyful, all at once; PS8 represents an opportunity to interact with children, to concomitantly teach and learn, and, last but not least, to have a lot of fun!
So… if this sounds at all appealing; please email both of us your schedule, by next Friday, October 2nd.  We’ll coordinate with PS8’s administration, and find a suitable time for you to volunteer on a weekly basis.  (Also feel free to ask us any questions about PS8 you might have; we can be reached at: jbinder.2018@saintannsny.org and tberggruen.2018@saintannsny.org.)
Thanks so much, and we very much look forward to having you on board for this worthwhile pursuit!
Julia and Toby​

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