Youth Action Summit: February 28th


On Tuesday, February 28th, St. Francis College (a mere two minutes away from Saint Ann’s!) Brooklyn Community Services will be hosting on a summit on empowerment and action during  a volatile time in our nation’s history. Founded only a year after the end of the Civil War, BCS has been a leading provider of opportunities and resources for those seeking to bringing about palpable social change.  Their programs serve a wide-range of those who have been marginalized; BCS provides educational opportunities, including affordable, early childhood educational services, vocational and psychological opportunities for high school students, as well as workforce assistance and resources for those with physical and intellectual disabilities.

February 28th’s summit is entitled “Voices for the Future of Brooklyn,” will provide information on pressing issues, and ways to take a stand—in a multiplicity of ways.  It will include an informal informational resource center for an hour (from 5:30–6:30), followed by a keynote address and panel.  The address will be delivered by Dr. C. Nichole  Mason, executive director of The Center for Research & Policy in the Public Interest, an organization that conducts in-depth, groundbreaking research into the roots of social inequality.

The summit is not to be missed—it will provide critical information on the realities facing underprivileged New Yorkers, and how we can best contribute.  We are looking to organize a Saint Ann’s contingent for the event—please email us if you are interested in joining!  For more on the summit, including a list of panelists, click here.

When: Tuesday, February 28th, 2017, at 5:30 PM

Where: St. Francis College—180 Remsen Street (quite literally two minutes from Saint Ann’s)



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