Over the past few weeks, the Saint Ann’s community service team has met with representatives from ATLAS: DIY, an organization that provides a multiplicity of resources for immigrant youth in Sunset Park. (To learn more about our two previous meetings with Atlas [one at their location, one at Saint Ann’s], click here and here.)

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to talk with Saint Ann’s parent and ATLAS volunteer Rovika Rajkishun, about ways in which Saint Ann’s can get involved with this important—and timely—organization.  After learning more about ATLAS, we were able to brainstorm a number of ideas for events and collaborative opportunities, including:

-a day in which an ATLAS community member comes to speak at assembly (10:10)

-a collaborative art project with Saint Ann’s and ATLAS students

-hosting ATLAS students here for an informal musical/literary/artistic jam session—with snacks

Additionally, we plan to host a number of ATLAS students/information about their organization at the next SA Open Mic night, to be held in March. If you have any ideas/want to get involved, email Diane Gnagnarelli.


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