Meeting with ATLAS: DIY TODAY

Dear all—

As you may know, we’re currently working to foster long-term, substantive relationships with a number of organizations.  A few weeks ago, we had a fruitful meeting with Sunset Park-based organization ATLAS: DIY, an innovative community-centric group that provides opportunities for immigrant youth.  Our visit to their location was informative: we were able to meet with their administration, learn about their programs and mission, and brainstorm ideas about how Saint Ann’s can join in their work, work that is particularly pertinent given the uncertainties regarding the status of undocumented immigrants under our new president.  Today we will host representatives from Atlas, in order to begin to solidify possible ideas about collaboration between our school and their members.  Any and all are welcome: no previous familiarity with Atlas is necessary!

We will be meeting at 4:15, in room 8-1. Email Diane Gnagnarelli with any questions or concerns. For photos and info from our initial meeting with Atlas: DIY, click here.

-The SA Comm Serv Team



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