Message to the SA Community

Greetings Fellow High School Students!
We, the Saint Ann’s Community Service team, are writing to you about an exciting new development, one that has long been in the works: the launch of a community service blog.  The blog will serve as a centralized launchpad for all things community service: it will provide a list of upcoming opportunities, pictures and articles about past events, as well as other updates and relevant information – in short, everything you need in order to get involved!  We are actively looking for contributors to the blog (if you do community service and want to write about it, that’d be great), and for those who have suggestions about what we might do in the future.  We can be reached at  Additionally, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to fill out a short, anonymous survey about your experiences with community service at Saint Ann’s.  It will only take a moment, and feel free to answer as many – or as few – questions as you like:
Feel free to approach us in the halls, shoot us an email, or inquire about service in the high school office.  The blog is:  Give it a look and see how you can help bring about the world that should be!
Toby Berggruen & The Saint Ann’s Community Service Team

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